Colours Of My Life : The Judith Durham Story

Colours Of My Life : The Judith Durham Story

(2nd paperback edition Random House Australia; 11cm x 18cm)
Originally released: 2001

Authorised biography by Graham Simpson

Following the success of the first edition hard cover and updated 1st edition paperback, this well-loved authorised biography by Graham Simpson was published in this pocket paperback format.

“ … a look at the life, loves, joys and disappointments of a home-grown heroine …”

The book covers Judith’s blues and gospel, then folk music, and ultimately, international pop success during historic years as lead singer of The Seekers, and the shocking impact of her decision in 1968 to leave The Seekers. It details her joyful marriage to fellow musician Ron Edgeworth and their idyllic musical life and spiritual journey together. But it also reveals how amid the euphoria of The Seekers’ reunion in the 90s, Judith lived with the knowledge that Ron was fatally ill with Motor Neurone Disease.

In this emotional story of triumph and adversity, we truly get to know Judith Durham and celebrate her life with her as an entertainer and composer.

“ … contains genuine – and genuinely interesting – insights into Durham, her history and her relationship with the band …

“ … an inspiring story of love and triumph …

“ … This straightforward and sympathetic biography of The Seekers’ singer is surprisingly interesting and moving …

“ … Durham’s quite amazing story is told warmly and readably by Simpson …

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