12th May, 2014


Judith Durham on stage in Nottingham

Judith and the boys are storming the UK on their 2014 Golden Jubilee Tour. They have already performed four of their 15 concerts (Cardiff, Nottingham, Liverpool, and Brighton) and on Saturday night they perform to a sell-out audience at The Sage in Gateshead.

The South Wales Argus critic wrote, “There were several standing ovations, and pure joy came from the audience as the quartet performed their greatest hits including I’ll Never Find Another You, Georgy Girl and When Will The Good Apples Fall? Long may they continue!”

In Nottingham, the Post review said, “A standing ovation before they’d even opened their mouths set the tone for the evening. It was touch and go if they’d squeeze any tunes in between the applause. But we soon settled down to a feast of hits, memories, smiles and – let’s face it – a concert to give goosebumps to anyone with a heart …”

Liverpool Confidential wrote, “It is extremely rare for a performance to receive a standing ovation before it has ended or indeed actually begun. But as the Seekers strolled on stage at a packed Philharmonic Hall the audience, which seemed charged by an almost intoxicating anticipation, rose to its feet unbidden, and almost as one; cheering and clapping a deeply felt warm to scorching welcome to the four Australians who, it must be said, looked a tad startled but nevertheless overjoyed
Liverpoolmag’s Kevin Cooper wrote, “Making their appearance on the stage, Australia’s first international supergroup were welcomed to Nottingham by a capacity crowd with a five minute standing ovation Judith’s voice is still pretty awesome, strong and uplifting. It’s crisp, bell like quality has always been a feature of The Seekers music, and it has lost little over time, ringing out as they opened with Come The Day. Striking by itself, it combines with the harmonies of the other three members to create this special Seekers sound. Theirs is such a rare harmonic blend, both vocally and instrumentally, that lifts them up above the pack not only do The Seekers write and sing some beautifully crafted melodies and sensitive lyrics, they somehow embody a sense of decency, and although they can rightly claim superstar status, there is none of the diva arrogance; they are just good talented mates who grew up together.”

And, “I grew up with these songs, as they became a part of my and my family’s life. Listening to them perform tonight was an honour and was one of the most memorable, lovely nights ever spent at a concert. Now and then, rehashed groups from the 60’s go on tour with one or two original members and whilst it is always fun, sometimes the magic has inevitably gone, along with their voices. Not so with The Seekers. These guys have still got it and I was privileged to have witnessed it. The world would simply be a far darker place without Judith Durham and The Seekers.”

And in Brighton, the review from ‘The Argus’ wrote, “The beads on Judith Durham’s dress were not the only things to sparkle on the stage of the Brighton Centre on Wednesday night. Judith was in fine voice, and the boys (I use the term loosely as the foursome have a combined age close to 300), Athol Guy, Keith Potger and Bruce Woodley, put on a brilliant show, They fiished with The Carnival Is Over and bought an audience of baby boomers to its feet. “

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