Are there any plans for Judith/The Seekers to tour/visit the US, UK, etc?

There are no confirmed overseas tours at the moment, but Judith has many other projects in hand.  The best answer is ‘never say never’ but don’t live in expectation.  However, there is The Golden Jubilee Tour for The Seekers in Australia in May/June 2013.

Where can I find Judith’s CDs and DVDs?

It is easy nowadays to find even deleted CDs and DVDs on websites, and you will see stockists and some CDs on the ‘Store’ page of this website.  The UK has a stockist of Australian imports: www.keymailorder.com  If you don’t find what you want in the online stores, try Ebay and put in a Saved Search.  You will then be notified when the item you want comes up for auction.

Have the 70s albums been released on CD?

To everyone’s great joy, Universal Music Australia have released ‘Gift Of Song’ on CD for the first time.  There is also another Universal release containing some of the songs from ‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain’.  It’s a beautiful CD/DVD called ‘Colours Of My Life : The 50th Anniversary Retrospective” and contains 22 songs from every musical aspect of Judith`s life from her early days as a jazz singer through her five decades of albums.

When is Judith going to release a new album?

Judith was signed by Universal Music Australia in 2011 and they have released a number of her CDs.  Details are on her website on the ‘Albums’ page.  A 70th Birthday compilation will soon be released on the Decca label through Universal.

Are the jazz albums going to be re-released?

‘The Hottest Band In Town Collection’ is out now, being the San Francisco band and the London band recordings from 1973 and 1974, with four bonus tracks.  ‘The Hot Jazz Duo’ has still not been reissued but we are hoping that it will be out very soon through Universal Music Australia.  Meanwhile, “My Buddy” from the ‘HJD’ album has been included in the CD/DVD ‘Colours Of My Life’.  You can even hear Ron playing “My Buddy” on the menu button of the DVD in that release.  Maybe another ‘HJD’ track will be on the 70th Birthday album?

How does Judith manage her health/bronchiectasis?

Judith became a vegetarian in 1968 when she met Ron Edgeworth who had been on a health kick for five years.  Judith felt it was much better for her general health.  Then she discovered Professor Arnold Ehret’s book, “The Mucusless Diet Healing System”. The diet consists of all kinds of starchless raw and cooked and dried fruits and mostly green-leaf vegetables.  Judith supplements this with extra-virgin olive oil, 100% pure dark grape juice and soya milk.  She believes it helps her cope with such a reduced lung capacity.  Information about the Arnold Ehret system can be found on www.arnoldehret.org.  Currently, she also has Hemp Oil and Olive Leaf Extract.

Is Judith a Christian/does she have a religious faith?

Judith is a deeply spiritual person with a profound belief in and love of God and Jesus Christ, and she follows an Eastern spiritual path which also provides the moral and ethical framework for the way she lives her life.  She is a committed vegetarian and has consumed no meat, fowl, fish, seafood, eggs, or alcohol since 1968.  Judith advocates a non-smoking, environmentally-friendly, alcohol-free, narcotics-free, caffeine-free and cruelty-free lifestyle.

Can I get a signed photo/book/CD?

You can obtain a postcard size photo, simply signed ‘With love, Judith Durham’ by sending two International Reply Coupons to Judith Durham Website, PO Box 555, South Yarra, Victoria 3141, Australia.  If you live in Australia, please send a stamped addressed envelope.

However, for a really special photo of Judith, go to the ‘Store’ on the website where you will find a wonderful 10’ x 8’ (25 cms x 20 cms) photograph, which you can even have personally signed for you.  Just click on the drop down by the photo.

For a book or a CD to be signed, send them (just the CD booklet) with International Reply Coupons to cover return postage, to Judith Durham Website, P.O. Box 555 South Yarra, Vic 3141, Australia.  If you are in Australia, please include an self addressed, pre-paid Australia Post Express Post satchel.

Can I send Judith my song – words or CD?

Judith does receive many wonderful songs penned by fans and she always listens to them, or reads any lyrics that are sent.  Unfortunately, because there are so many, she just hasn’t got the time to respond to everyone who has sent in a song.  Nowadays she writes all her own material so she listens to submissions mostly for her own pleasure.

How did Judith get over the loss of her husband?

Part of the spiritual path to God Realisation that Judith (and Ron) has followed for more than 40 years includes a belief in karma and reincarnation, so Judith has the comfort of knowing that Ron is continuing on his spiritual journey and that his Destiny is to be ultimately one with God.  She does not try to hold him back in this world.  She treasures warm and happy memories and gratitude for their most wonderful marriage which sustain and comfort her all the time.

How old is Judith?

Judith was born on 3rd July 1943 and turns 70 in 2013.

Is Judith Durham her real name?

She was born Judith Mavis Cock. Durham was her mother’s maiden name and Judith adopted it when she began to sing professionally.  Her grandfather adopted the name ‘Durham’ when his mother remarried after the death of her first husband, a Greek immigrant Antoni Demitri Panniocto (or Pannucca).

Where was Judith born?

In Essendon, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

Does Judith have any sisters or brothers?

She has an older sister, Beverley Sheehan, who is a very fine jazz singer with a similar voice to Judith’s. You can find more about Beverley on this website, under the menu button ‘About’.

Is Judith married?

Judith married London-born Ron Edgeworth at Scots Church in Melbourne on November 21, 1969.  They had a long and happy 25-year marriage.  Her beloved Ron was a brilliant and versatile pianist and they spent their years making music together and travelling the world.  Sadly, Ron died from Motor Neurone Disease in 1994.  You can find more about Ron on this website, under the menu button ‘About’.

Does Judith have any children?

Judith and Ron planned not to have children.  Their love for each other and the music that was woven into every part of their lives fulfilled them completely.  They did not believe in abortion.

How old was Judith when she joined The Seekers?

Judith was 20 and already an acclaimed trad jazz singer in her own right.  She was also an accomplished pianist and planned to study singing for a career in opera or musicals.  The Seekers’ trip to the UK in 1964 put those aspirations on hold.

Was Judith ever romantically involved with any of the male Seekers?

No, though in the early days she swooned over Keith at age 14, had a crush on Bruce when she first met him, and switched her focus to Athol’s horn-rimmed glasses for a little while!  In 1968, along came Ron …

How many hits did The Seekers have, and has Judith had any hits?

‘I’ll Never Find Another You‘, ‘A World of Our Own‘, ‘Morningtown Ride‘, ‘Someday, One Day‘, ‘Georgy Girl‘ (the title song of the film of the same name), ‘The Carnival Is Over‘, ‘When Will The Good Apples Fall?’, ‘Walk With Me’, ‘Colours Of My Life’, ‘Emerald City’, ‘Days Of My Life’.

In 1993, the iconic “I Am Australian” was popularised by The Seekers.

In 1967, while still a member of The Seekers, Judith recorded her first solo single, a song written especially for her called “The Olive Tree”, which peaked at No. 33 in the UK charts.

In 1997, Judith recorded a version of “I Am Australian” with Air Supply’s Russell Hitchcock and Yothu Yindi’s Mandawuy Yunupingu, which reached No. 17 in the official ARIA Top 40.

What was the highlight of Judith’s years with The Seekers?

Celebrating The Seekers’ 50th birthday on December 3, 2012.  But there have been so many in the past.  She loved Tom Springfield’s beautiful songs and felt honoured to record them.  It was a great thrill for her when the hits got to number one, and something she had never dreamed could happen to her.  Expo ’67 in Montreal, the Myer Music Bowl, the Royal Command Performance, becoming Australians Of The Year, topping the charts in America, etc.  For more highlights, click on the menu button ‘About’.

But the greatest highlight turned out to be meeting Ron Edgeworth, who was a musician with a group called The Trebletones on the last Seekers tour in 1968.  Ron was to be her future husband.

Why did Judith leave The Seekers?

Before she joined The Seekers she already had an established career as a solo artist.  She loved being with the group but had never intended that it should be for the rest of her musical life.  When she felt the time was right, she gave ‘The Boys’ the agreed six months’ notice, and then continued a successful and rewarding solo career.  The Seekers got together again in 1992 for a 25 year reunion.  Judith has pursued her own solo path alongside her frequent and happy involvement with The Seekers, and her artistry has brought her great critical acclaim and popular success, as you will see from the comments on each of the many clips posted of her performances on YouTube.  For more reviews, click on the menu button ‘About’.

What was Judith’s first solo record?

In 1963 Judith recorded an EP with one of Melbourne’s foremost bands, Frank Traynor’s Jazz Preachers.  The tracks on that vinyl EP are ‘Just a Closer Walk With Thee’, ‘Moan You Mourners’, ‘Papa De Da Da’ and ‘Jelly Bean Blues’.  ‘Moan You Mourners’ was recently featured on the CD/DVD ‘Colours Of My Life’ and included in Judith’s 2012 ‘Colours Of My Life’ tour of Australia.

Does Judith read the emails that are sent to her?

Judith tries to read all her emails even though she does not have the time to reply in person.  Receiving all your emails and learning in retrospect what her singing has meant to each one of you is a very meaningful experience for her.  Your emails give her the courage, energy and motivation to keep making music to share with you all.

How tall is Judith?

Judith is 5’2” tall, or 157.5 centimetres.  (Athol, Keith and Bruce are all around 6’ tall!)

What colour are Judith’s eyes?

Judith’s eyes are a brownish hazel colour.


Don’t forget you can direct any questions you have not found in the list above, to music researcher and historian and Judith’s biographer, Graham Simpson.  Click on the ‘About’ menu button.